Iconic Turn - 2

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The symbol QR (Quick Response) in the binoculars uses Ulli Kampelmann, to point out the always hunger for answers on questions about others, the life, but also questions about yourself.
In our fast living, restless time are fast, good answers urgent necessary.
New communications tools, like smart phones etc. are there, QR's are a key for faster information's. Now man can turn over to make for themselves a Iconic Turn, to pick up important pictures for themselves and their environment.

Hubert BurdaHubert Burda

 For the visualization of the West - East- Germany problem, Ulli Kampelmann is using a diptych; West: a stylish lady, without a view out side, probably a art lover with her Dali at home; opposite of that a border soldier, ready for shooting of escapists and searching for espionage victims  and still dreaming secrately from a Dali, which was in East Germany times a symbol of the decadent art in capitalism.

SalvadorDaliExplodingClockSalvador Dali's Exploding Clock

The small shape of the paintings are got choosen to associate to memory pictures.

LINK: More examples of memory pictures from Ulli Kampelmann

Ideas are getting fast passed on and can lead into wide consequences, like to see on the example of the fame East German press conference 9 Nov 1989, as Guenter Schabowski announced for running cameras" peoples from East Germany, which are wishing to travel into the West, can just do it. The audience on tv was instand electrofied and drove with their car to the border, hundreds, thousands until,the border guards opend the gates. Nobody from the East german gouvernment noticed anything what was hapen in that night, until it was too late to make a change.


berlin-wall-falls-2Abend des 9. Nov 1989

The title of the painting "Iconic Turn" connect on to the definition from Hubert Burda, the fame German publisher, which associates with that term the change into the worldwide fast exchange of pictures, informations (which are also pictures) with our new modern communication systems.

In her Diptych gives Ulli Kampelmann a review of that situation of the Iconic Turn in the middle of the life.
You can contact her to get more informations about that.

Ulli Kampelmann grow up in East Germany, she escaped in a trunk of a little car and is now working on a documentary for the US marked about that time periode.